It takes a woman to understand what women want.  Meet CEO and Founder Allison Howard of Nollapelli, a linen company launched with her very own breakthrough textile technology that was created for better sleeping for our skin.  You are going to hear her talk about her innovation and why her sheet fabric is important for our skin.  Allison is an entrepreneur and inventor and has her Nollapelli sheets protect your skin while you sleep.

Listen to how she explains how cotton can actually create more wrinkles when you sleep. 

Nollapelli was first created for high end spas but it is now available on her their website and BA50’s can get 20 percent off through December using the code Holiday20.


P.S., I was not paid to write this post. I am a fan of this product ….full stop! When you listen to this interview I am sure you will be too.

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