BA50 She Did It / Boston Event Sponsorship Information

Come meet your market and become a Sponsor of SHE DID IT /Boston, November 13, 2012 at Babson College (our university co-sponsor).  Sponsorship at this event will give you a unique opportunity to reach college educated women in high income brackets who are looking to spend energy, time and money pursuing a new passion or adventure during the second phase of their lives.  We welcome this opportunity to introduce you to our SHE DID IT/Boston event and our on-line magazine.

What is SHE DID IT /Boston? 

Our Target Market will leave ready to take their next step! Why do they need you? BA50’S are Seekers, and Their Minds are Ready For What’s Next.

SHE DID IT/Boston is a conference for women, aged 50+, focusing on “What’s Next?” This encompasses a spectrum of issues: the next adventure related to: Work, Relationships, Life Long Learning, Personal/Physical goals, Financial Strategies, Designing a Plan to Engage in this next phase of life and more …… What unites women around this range of topics is GETTING GOING – TAKING ACTION NOW!

SHE DID IT/Boston is for all these women.  SHE DID IT/Boston empowers women 50+ to take the first steps toward any new adventure, whether it is getting fit, traveling to an exotic destination, moving forward on a new venture, learning about social media or starting a new social concern.

At SHE DID IT/Boston, women will be inspired by stories of ordinary women doing extraordinary things.  Our speakers, table talks, discussions and vendors will give women the practical advice they need to find what they want to do next, take the first steps, and meet the people that can help them.

SHE DID IT/Boston debuts in the Boston area on November 13, 2012. Our intention is to replicate this event in key markets across the U.S.  It is a half day conference (noon to 5:00PM).   It is sponsored by in partnership with the Women’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and the Lewis Center at Babson CollegeSHE DID IT/Boston will take place at the Knight Center at Babson College campus in Wellesley, MA.   We expect between 250-400 attendees.

What is is an online magazine where women engage. On-line, women share personal stories and commentaries about their new business launches, adventures, challenges, and observations all heartfelt, humorous and heady. We at BA50, curate topics around life, love, health, divorce, marriage, widowhood, travel, sex, careers- the landscape is vast. Talk comes easy at BA50 as we dialogue on our site as though you are at the café or kitchen table having a coffee or wine with dear friends.  Real time meet-ups for BA50’s are scheduled throughout the year.

We post 7 stories every Tuesday, post daily comments and links to articles & books we have curated for our BA50’s, we Facebook with BA50’s (3,000 BA50 FB Friends), we tweet and play on pinterest and are featured weekly on the Huffington Post.

In our first 6 months we have over 30,000 visitors and 70,000 page views.  Our readers love us – we know because they keep coming back!

At BA50 we believe Fifty is halfway, and we are primed, positioned and ready for What’s Next.

SHE DID IT/Boston is a Real Time opportunity for you to get the attention and trust of this market.

Come and meet your BA50 market and tell them why they need you, your product and your service. They are all ears!

Click here for additional details about sponsorship of the BA50 She Did It / Boston Event.

For more information, please contact Ronna Benjamin at or call her at 617.538.9447 or Felice Shapiro at or call her at 914.522.4410

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