She Did It Next Steps – Boston

Here’s what we think it takes to make the change in your life that you are wanting:

1. Skin in the game — this is the fee of $60 for each 2 hour session
2. Continuity — We will meet 4 more times (see proposed schedule below)
3. Support Group — This group and our BA50 network  is key to making this happen  (we have a suggested name from one or our attendees: HERITAGE ROSES) – you like?
4. A  Professional Leader  – DKS plays that role and will keep us on track, give us guidance and exercises and feedback and keep us from devolving into purely a social group

We know that commitment, continuity and focus are the key ingredients to making things happen.

Many of you mentioned that the most important piece for YOU is NETWORKING and SMALL GROUPS as well as professional coaching.

We would like to Propose 2 groups be formed during these sessions.

1. Open with a group intro from DKS
2. Group I.  Start-ups/business goals – those who are vetting ideas, working on marketing/business development and  brainstorming
3. Group II. Personal Goals/ What’s Next For Me?

We would like to rotate homes for each meeting —

As a courtesy — the Host of SHE DID IT/Next Steps will not be charged for the evening’s session.   If you are interested in hosting the next meeting please let us know.

We need a minimum of 16 to make this work.  You are welcome to invite a friend to become part of SHE DID IT/Next Steps.

We have asked that our coaching team at DKS   provide a clear description of what they will offer in the next sessions.  Their description is below.

Next Sessions PROPOSED Dates:

Mondays 7:30-9:30

January 7th
January 28th
February 11
March 4th


Location TBD.



Payment Options


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