OK Moms – it’s time to take action.  If our government can’t get it together on gun safety we’d best take this effort into our own hands. No one gets a job done like us.  Moms should be in charge of this debate–call your Member of Congress and Demand a Plan to end this National Disgrace. Or better yet, run for Congress and change our country for the better!

Here’s the deal. I read in the New York Times this morning – “Democratic leadership aides said the effort could be revived if a public groundswell demanded it. The world is watching the United States Senate, and we will be held accountable,” said Senator Richard Blumenthal, Democrat of Connecticut, who helped lead the effort, long overdue, on sensible gun laws.

I am not an expert on gun law issues but I do know one thing — it is just plain wrong that the Senate blocked the drive to keep the public safe with balanced laws for gun safety.

Really, is it possible that they aren’t going to have expanded background checks on gun buyers — really? Is it possible that people can still purchase assault weapons and high-capacity gun magazines — with the murders at Sandy Hook still fresh in our minds, not to mention the mass killings our country has had to witness? The compromise bill was put forward by two NRA “A” rated senators who, like the rest of us, were hopeful that safety on our streets, in our schools, in movie theaters and houses of worship would prevail over the greed and dishonesty of gun industry-backed politicians who put their own reelection ahead of the lives of American children and families.

It was painful to read that the victims of gun violence – families of the dead–had to watch this vote go down yesterday right in the Senate gallery. We can’t even begin to imagine the additional heartache and anger they experienced.  “Sitting in the Senate gallery with other survivors of recent mass shootings and their family members, Lori Haas, whose daughter was shot at Virginia Tech, and Patricia Maisch, a survivor of the mass shooting in Arizona, shouted together, ‘Shame on you.’” – NY TIMES

We echo that sentiment. “SHAME ON YOU!”


Take a look at this commercial. It’s message is subtle, but hit-you-over-the-head powerful:


Here’s a list of groups fighting for and demanding that America take action on gun control – we urge you to follow and support them and figure out how you can help to make our country safer. And, if you’d like to add to our list, please do.

Moms Demand Action (Shannon Watts, founder)



New Yorkers Against Gun Violence



Million Mom March






Project Safe Neighborhoods




Mothers Against Gun Violence




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