Women get way too many messages about what’s healthy and what’s not. This top trending article on the  Women’s Health network really helps to clarify a few of the myths.

“Health myth 1: Once you gain weight during menopause, you can’t lose it.

Let’s start off by saying that losing weight — before or after menopause — doesn’t automatically make us healthier. Lots of women believe that if they can just shed those extra pounds, it will solve all the other health issues they may have. But, for better or worse, this just isn’t so, particularly if your weight gain is related to an underlying hormonal imbalance to begin with.

Many women gain weight during menopause, and though a certain amount of weight gain is natural as women pass this milestone, it certainly doesn’t have to be permanent. In our reproductive years, our bodies are biologically equipped with enough estrogen to facilitate procreation. When we enter perimenopause and estrogen from the ovaries declines, the body is programmed to protect itself from an abrupt transition in a couple of ways. One of these natural mechanisms is by storing more fat. Fat cells provide another source of estrogen in our bodies, particularly after menopause. Once the body has adjusted to less estrogen, oftentimes weight goes down again”.

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