money retirement savingsYou can be in your early 50’s and still be classed as a senior by some retailers and rather than being upset that they might have mistaken you for someone older the smart move would be to ask what sort of discount you get for being a “senior”.

Most folks don’t seem to realize that there are loads of retailers and businesses who are more than willing to offer discounts to anyone they deem to be a senior, which means you don’t just have to be 65 or over to nab a decent discount.

Here are some general tips on saving money, including a membership opportunity that unlocks access to regular discounts, why it pays to pick your shopping days, and a big saving to be had on your movie entertainment.

Join the club

Sometimes a little bit of extra effort is worthwhile when you consider the benefits available and if you are a senior and want to stretch your budget as far as possible it makes sense to look for access to regular discounts on a whole range of things.

An AARP membership is worth considering as it gives you the chance to get at least a 10% discount or more on all sorts of different things ranging from health insurance, hotel and travel, and even rental cars.

Check what deals you may be eligible for before you sign up but the annual membership fee should be more than covered by the savings you make on your various purchases.

Other ways to save

It is worth mentioning at this point that there are other ways to keep more of your cash than getting discounts, including a look at some DIY options where they are appropriate.

For example, running your car is an expensive business and the cost of servicing and repairs can run into a big number every year if you are not careful. A good way of cutting down the cost and saving money would be to do some of the basic car maintenance yourself.

You can download Ford service repair manuals, for instance, that guide you through the sort of maintenance and part replacement tasks that should be within the skill set of many of us with even modest DIY skills.

Even if you find some of the tasks beyond you, national chains like Jiffy Lube and Midas offer service discounts to seniors.

Pick your days

Back to the discount shopping thread and the next pearl of wisdom to remember is that it can make a big difference to your wallet if you choose the day you go shopping more wisely.

There are loads of retailers who offer seniors discounts on certain days of the week.

One example of this would be the clothing company Kohl, who offer a 15% discount to shoppers over the age of 55 every Wednesday. Some stores might do these discounts on a Tuesday and they vary according to the store and the location.

The best thing to do is take a note of what the stores in your area offer in terms of seniors discounts and what day of the week it rewards you the most for shopping on.

Retailers often do these discounts to increase sales on quieter shopping days, but that shouldn’t worry you if they are offering a money off the ticket just because they deem you to be a “senior”.

It makes plenty of sense to buy the same item for less on a certain day of the week if that is what the retailer is offering you.

Movie nights just got even better

A night at the movies is something you never grow out of and the good news is that most of the big cinema chains are prepared to offer you some big discounts just for being over 60.

For example, AMC Theaters have a regular 60% discount on Tuesday Senior Days and rival chain Showcase is also keen for your business, offering $6 discounted admission on Senior Wednesdays.

Cinemark also does regular discount promotions that vary according to location, so you can enjoy the movie experience for a lot less if you are a 60+ movie fan.

The great outdoors

It is always a fun and healthy option to plan a visit to a National Park so you can take in the breathtaking scenery and enjoy a bit of exercise at the same time.

That walk seems even more rewarding when you are able to get a seniors pass that gives you lifetime access for just $10.

National Park admission passes for seniors are available to anyone aged 62 and over and the $10 fee opens up access to more than 2,000 recreational sites and parks.

There are plenty of savings to be grabbed when you are a senior so make the most of the opportunity and keep more of your money.

Reece Lloyd is always on the lookout for personal finance news and trends. a researcher and consultant, he likes to write on a number of sites about saving money by being more self-reliant.


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