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My friend, Gretchen, said to me recently “I love traveling so much. I would dig into my jewelry box and sell my diamond jewelry if it meant I could take another trip!”

I so get it.

For many of us, at this stage in life, pursuing our passions is so much more rewarding than accumulating more stuff. Taking that trip, signing up for that class, or hiring that coach can often feed our souls way more than another handbag or set of dishes. That is why finding the right solution to sell your diamonds is important.

The trouble is that, after so many years of pursuing the list of “have-to-do’s” we have forgotten about updating the list of “want-to-do’s”. How can we pursue our passions if we don’t even remember what they are?

When I coach clients we always start with a life-check in on everything from “Are you having enough fun?” to “Are you learning new things?” to “Are you finding time for tranquility?” Then we set goals around the areas. Homework could be anything from “Plan a dinner party” to “Go get a massage!”

Often times, when we are lacking in one area, we make up for it in another way like food, alcohol, or even shopping for things that we don’t need. We also sometimes feel like we are being selfish or irresponsible by spending money on big things like trips for ourselves.

This is where some creative arbitrage comes in! Take a look in your jewelry box and start thinking about how those unused diamond treasures can be “repurposed” to help you finance your passions.  That old engagement ring is not doing you any good sitting in your jewelry box, nor is your mother-in-law’s diamond bracelet that you never liked and therefore never wore! So find a better use for them and invest in yourself. Not only are you worthy, but you will be giddy with excitement.

One of my clients, Ellen, realized that she was starved creatively. As an art minor in college, she had always considered the school’s art studio her place to unwind and de-stress. Years later, as a busy working mom, Ellen was more concerned with deadlines and homework assignments than watercolor or acrylics.

During one of our early sessions, Ellen took a big picture look into her life and decided that she needed a creative outlet and was going to sign up for an art class one afternoon per week. Much to her surprise, unlike most days where she snacked continually, on the days that she was at the studio she never once thought about food. Ellen was able to connect the dots and determine that she was way hungrier for creative expression than any snack in her pantry.

So excited by her new finding, she sold off her old diamond ring in the safe and financed a painting class in Italy! Ellen never looked back!

What are you craving?

More Fun? New Friends? More Flavor? More Tranquility?

Make a list of some things that you crave. Notice the areas of your life that have been ignored for too long and need some attention NOW. Take some time to really think about the activities that you would love to find yourself engaged in. These are things you do where you lose track of time. You feel nourished when you take part in these activities and they leave you with more energy after you do them. Then update that “want-to-do” list and get to it!!

Using Worthy.com as the new solution can allow you to reward yourself with the gift of new opportunities.

Let Worthy help you sell your jewelry and help you finance your dreams!


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