Every so often I like to take a break from work. Publishing BA50 is an everyday, middle of the night and always on my mind endeavor which I adore. And this past year it has been even more gratifying as it filled the voids that shrouded us during life in the time of Covid.

I am so grateful and thrilled about the 2 writing groups I launched this year and look forward to continuing teaching and guiding the BA50 bloggers after this short sabbatical. And, I plan to resume writing and curating posts for BA50 with a passion.

But for now, I’m going to sign off from producing 3 newsletters a week and publishing the weekly 12-15 articles. The social media site will be packed with new content during this time by our masterful Jill, Director of all things Social. But hopefully my eyes will not be on my Iphone. It’s time to regroup, spend the month with all our kids who are coming to visit and be present in the here and now.


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