Hallmark holidays can be a bitch. In the age of cancel culture – for those who are not Moms, those who don’t get to see their kids on that one day, those who have lost their Moms…the holiday celebration can backfire.

Not trying to be negative – – but It’s worth thinking about. And for those Moms that have been hugged and celebrated in real time, just so you know – we are all happy for you.

I’m wondering if it’s time to assess Hallmark holidays in general. I mean, they make alot of people feel bad. When all doesn’t run as our expectations wish they would – most of us might CLICK — “Cancel” Hallmark.

And, for those who are thinking that FaceTime isn’t truly a substitute for the real time with kids, the phone can feel especially empty on a holiday that is supposed to be “our holiday.”

But never mind —we are resilient women and we will not crumble before the Hallmark Gods —There’s plenty to celebrate. Yes, of course you know what that is — we know best how to celebrate ourselves and our kids and our friends. Our age and wisdom has taught us to expect less and appreciate more.

And Mother’s Day gifts come is all shapes and sizes. My best Mother’s Day gift so far was finding my ear buds that had been lost for a week. They were out of juice and in the back of my car behind the drivers seat and dead to me until they magically appeared. (PS Find My Device doesn’t work on dead technology).

As I write this missive on Mother’s Day the truth is, the holiday was so yesterday — gone and forgotten – and that’s not a bad thing.

And yes despite no real time brunch with my kids – I barely have had a moment to write a word.

It was cool that my husband went golfing for the morning.. I decided to do what I love to do and so far it has been the best day ever!

My little pup Lulu got a nod of parenting from me with a brief walk and then, I took an amazing bike ride on Martha’s Vineyard.

It was my first ride of the season – the weather was idyllic – and I truly celebrated the morning my way. Even better, My friend Randi and her husband Philipe joined in for the fun and we rode from Chilmark to Menemsha oohing and ahhhing at the panoramic views.. After 60 years on this island, I pedaled a new road that is the steepest hill on this island – who knew? Yes, always new roads to discover.

So it is with joy and a serotonin high from my 20 miler that I write this.

The day is still young — It’s only 11 am so I got to go — I need to respond and send texts to my posse of amazing mothers and sisters who feed my soul and anchor me to this planet.

What did you do for Mother’s Day?

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