Everyone has a unique style that defines them. There are pieces that we gravitate towards and can’t seem to stray away from because, well, that’s just who we are! Some people love bold colors, others love anything floral. For me, you’ll notice that almost all of my tops are one size too big, just because I like the feeling of a loose fitting and breathable top (and everything always shrinks in the wash). But if you’re a gal who loves looking feminine and sexy, then you came to the right place. We’re talking lace, crochets, sheer chiffons, pretty much anything that adds that soft and seductive touch to an outfit. Even if these aren’t your go to pieces, it’s always nice to have one or two sexier options for a date night. These are some of our favorite options!Glide into the room in this floaty shoulder chiffon top.The arms are the focal point in the best way possible with this charming lace bell sleeve top.Sophisticated meets sexy in this lace and chiffon trimmed blouse.Flouncy sleeves with lovely lace add feminine allure to this top.A frilly frame never looked so appealing in this chiffon ruffle blouse.For the lady who wants to look effortlessly sexy



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