oscagirlAnd the Oscar goes to….you!

Oh boy – another award show where the rich, famous and of course epically beautiful, celebrate themselves!

Correct me if I am wrong, but these shows create more self-loathing moments than celebrations from the couch!

Common comments echoing from family rooms across the globe include:

  • Crap – I didn’t see that movie either.
  • Sure, she can afford to wear that, look like that and fit into that.
  • Seriously, a swag bag worth over $232,000 at a 40% increase over last year! Why? Possibly because the actor salaries had a 40% increase as well. Can we talk minimum wage increase, oh right, not happening.
  • Of the 24 Oscars handed out, there will probably only be the usual ‘one’ memorable acceptance speech!
  • The Good Wife and Madam Secretary are not on tonight?
  • What was she thinking, she looks like Tinkerbell!
  • Pretty confident she can afford that necklace why does Harry Winston’s loan it out!
  • Do you think there is a massive email thread that circulates to make sure no two princesses wear the same dresses? Do you think Hillary hosts that on her private server?


Let’s hit the reality show button ladies – this is the here and now and the who and whatever!

The number of us who will ever have to duplicate those looks is so minimal it would fit on a pinhead. So stop wining and pining and dress yourself for your non-Academy moments, but what the hell, let’s look glam while we are at it. For 1/10th the price BTW!


And if the real reality is that you are settling in on the comfy couch with a bag of Fritos for the show – rock your girls in a new bra, turn the show lights up high and be sure to keep the shades up  – that’s bound to be Oscar worthy!!

Red rover, red rover, red carpet roll over!

Green lean and a mean machine!

Pink schmink, you are making me blink!


Having trouble dressing for the award winning moments in your life? Join us on March 30th as we rock the theatre! Link here for more Oscar worthy info!

And remember to dress with purpose because you just might end up on stage!

Doreen Dove empowers women to use style as a tool to take strategic control of their image. She is an image consultant, personal stylist, professional speaker and author.

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