“Transformation is not about erasing who you have been. Instead, it is about building upon that masterpiece that is YOU by editing out what is stale and replacing it with what aligns now.” ~Randi Levin Coaching

I did just that. Reinvented my own life at the mid mark…and you can too. It is no accident that I choose to be a transformational coach in my 5th decade! So, I am abundant with strategies and life steps that empower our post +50 crowd to grab hold of their own legacy and define it. Then redefine it! Here is a sampling of a few meaningful tools and a DIY action step to begin.

  • Recalibrate Your Comfort Zone: Everything up until this moment has occurred in your own personal gated community. This community is your comfort zone. Shift your thoughts away from “stepping out of your comfort zone” and into the abyss of the unknown. Instead think about pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone out of that community so that you expand your comfort zone rather than abandon everything you have ever known. Transformation is not about erasing who you have been. Instead, it is about building upon that masterpiece that is YOU by editing out what is stale and replacing it with what aligns now. See the tweak?
  • Cut a New Path: The difference from the mid-point on is that you have history. Use that history and make it work for you. What have you always liked to do that you would like to do more of? If it were 10 years ago what would you do? What has a busy life kept you from exploring? Guess what? Now you can explore and that exploration should allow for you to blaze new trails where paths did not exist before. If your legacy is your power tool, then how can you map out today to get you consistently living a life that reflects who you are NOW? A new path bridges the gap between your stories of yesterday, your dreams of tomorrow and your realities of today.
  • Clear The Decks on Fear: Here is a great DIY exercise to build self-esteem and to point you in the right direction. Let’s face it…when you don’t step into what’s next in your life, something is holding you back. That thing is fear. Lots of talk about being fearless in life. While that sounds amazing…more than likely that is not going to be a reality. What is a reality is that instead of being fearless embrace fearing “less.” Here is how to empower the moment with a bit less fear and a bit more confidence:

          Take 10-15 minutes to write down all the stories you tell yourself.            You know, that reel that runs through your mind when you are                trying to fall asleep at  night. All the excuses, the limitations, the            reasons behind your procrastination    or overwhelm. Write them            all down. Read them out loud in front of the mirror.  Now re-read            them out loud again.

          How did it sound to say your excuses and limitations out loud?                Do a body scan for a moment. How do you feel? What are you                  noticing? Where is your energy?

          Now, rewrite those same stories “as if” you do in fact have                      what  you need.  Rewrite them from an abundance mindset.

Here is an example: If on your original list you wrote, I am not good enough to be able to open my own business, you will now replace that with I am good  enough and smart enough to open my own business. If you originally wrote, I don’t have the skills to do that…you will replace that with I have the skills or I am developing the skills to do that. 

Essentially, you are creating affirmation statements based off of the negative noise in your head. Here is the power punch: For the next 66 days you are going to create a new habit with your rewritten statements. You are going to clear the deck on your fears and break through the noise that is holding you back from the life you most want. For 66 days you are going to read out loud all of  your rewritten excuses and stories in front of the mirror. These new statements will become your new norm.         


            If you say you are, you believe you are.

             If you believe you are, you are.

  It starts with your words, takes flight with your mindset, and elevates your energy so that you do in fact manifest and attract in what you most desire. Try it! Let me know where your energy and your thoughts now go!



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