60 million women are in menopause today, and yet no one is talking about it. LOVE, SWEAT & TEARS is an award-winning, unconventional, myth-busting documentary that explores what menopause is all about, why it’s been a long taboo subject, and how women can reignite and sustain their sex lives in the third act.

Filled with humor, insight and helpful medical information, Love, Sweat & Tears follows Dr. Pamela Dee, “America’s Menopause Romance Doctor,” as she guides women through the isolation, fear and confusion of this phase of life to become happier and healthier. The film includes interviews with renowned medical experts, comedians such as Joan Rivers in her last screen appearance, author and radio host Jenny McCarthy, and spiritual leaders including Dr. Michael Beckwith. On a mission to de-stigmatize menopause, Dr. Pam takes a sex-positive approach to keeping romance alive and enjoying intimacy long after the flow is gone, even introducing a whole new look at how sex toys can enhance menopausal women’s sex lives.  Check it out here:


Menopause is an indisputable certainty of life, yet eighty percent of the medical and residency programs in the U.S. and Canada don’t have a menopause education program.

“It wasn’t until I gave up obstetrics that I realized that the needs of non-pregnant women were not being met adequately by their OB/GYN,” Dr. Pam says. “The busy OB/GYN is focused primarily on the pregnant woman, her unborn baby, and safe deliveries. This hectic lifestyle does not afford the normal OB/GYN the time to sit down and listen to the profound changes that occur after a woman’s reproductive life is over.”

Dr. Pam is on a mission to bring menopause into the mainstream and help women and men understand that the stigma of the old, menopausal woman is a thing of the past. Love, Sweat & Tears demonstrates that the third act of life can be filled with freedom and vitality with a paradigm shift in how menopause is approached.

Love, Sweat & Tears is available for screenings through GATHR Films. Request a screening here: https://gathr.us/films/love-sweat-tears

To learn more about Love, Sweat & Tears please visit: http://lovesweatandtearsfilm.com/

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