If you are tired of waking up with night sweats, or you and your partner can’t agree on how high or low to keep the bedroom thermostat, it might be time to buy some new bedding with temperature-regulating features. In the last few years there have been significant technological improvements in fabrics that help regulate body temperatures, so now is a great time to upgrade your bedding. Weighted blankets have also become popular, and even though they are heavy, they can help keep the body cool. Since a good night’s sleep is difficult for many of us BA50’s, treating yourself to new bedding might be the best gift you can give yourself!

Below are my recommendations for sheets, blankets, duvets and comforters which will help you sleep sweat-free. All products listed are for a queen bed for comparison purposes.

Atlanta based PeachSkinSheets makes bedding out of high performance sleep technology textiles. The Smart Fabric is designed to wick away moisture while regulating cool and warm body temperatures for a superior sleep experience. The Vintage Duvet Collection has a wrinkled, slept in look and feel. Available in 7 colors, all on sale right now for 50% off!

Vintage Plum Duvet Cover Set $105




Sheets are the first thing your body touches in bed, so new sheets may make the biggest difference in reducing night-sweats. Stay cooler and drier tonight with the Original PeachSkinSheets performance fabric. Hundreds of great reviews. On sale right now at 45% off.

Pumkin Spice Sheet Set $85




Gravity Blankets are one of the most popular weighted blankets which are designed to help you achieve faster and deeper sleep. They now make a cooling blanket for sweat-free slumber. Available in four weights and three colors, the cooling blanket features a revolutionary cooling fabric to help wick away moisture.


Gravity Cooling Blanket $259


The Hush Iced cooling weighted blanket was released on Kickstarter a little over a year ago and has over 1000 five star reviews. It is made of bamboo and cotton with glass sand inside for weight. For every ten blankets sold, they donate one to a person in need.

Hush Iced Blanket $229


From cult-favorite brand Buffy, the Breeze comforter is made of 100% eucalyptus which regulates your temperature and keeps you cool and comfortable all night. Thousands of raving reviews and they offer a 7 night free trial. Sheets available too.

The Buffy Breeze $219



Born from space, this Cumulus comforter from Slumber Cloud automatically absorbs, stores, and releases heat as the temperature under your covers changes. It fights off the biggest thing that makes you sweat at night – humidity.

Cumulus comforter with cover $298



The Stratus sheet set by Slumber Cloud is the ideal blend between the softness and durability of cotton and the unique temperature regulation of NASA-engineered Outlast fibers, which put an end to sleep disrupting overheating and humidity build up. Good Housekeeping Magazine rated these the best temperature-regulating sheet set in 2019. Comes with a 60 night trial.

Stratus sheet set $214

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