womanmirrorThere are two factors to how you personally perceive yourself – I call them the 2 M’s – the mind and the mirror.

How often do we hear our girlfriends say how they still feel like they are in their twenties or thirties? How they still feel like that same girl, lassy, rebel, sweetheart is alive and well inside their soul. They don’t feel their numeric age and their thoughts, their daydreams, their desires, their taste in music, movies, clothes, and food is all still the same.

But the stop dead moment – is the mirror. The 2 M’s – The mind and the mirror. Mind you (pun intended) both of these M’s are things you can control.

Your spiritual mind – If you find you feel younger by listening to your favorite music from 30 years ago, then by all means, that is what you should listen to. There are all sorts of apps that you can use to find your favorite Sinatra, Garland or Pink Floyd.

If you want to fly a kite, take a kayak ride or walk in the woods to settle your spirit, then do it.

Yes we all have time constraints, issues, struggles, and mountains to climb. But when all is said at the end of the day and you sit down on the couch, alone with yourself, you are the only person that matters. Your opinion of yourself is the most important one in the world! You have to love yourself, embrace yourself, treat yourself and take care of yourself.

Self talk? That’s key. I like myself, I love myself, I am pretty, I am special, and I am relevant, current, hip, gorgeous, sassy and sexy. Whatever the message is, you have to gift it to yourself.

The mirror is not the enemy here. The mirror image is something you control! Stand there and frown and scowl. What do you see, do you like her? Stand there and smile and sparkle. What do you see? Which mirror image do you like?

Take a look at these side by sides of very famous women found on Stars Without Makeup, they are just like us. It takes a bit of smoke in all our mirrors to make us feel pretty, even if it is just a swipe of the hairbrush!

images-2 images-3 images-4 images-5 images-6  images-8 images rs_1024x759-151116103633-1024-amy-adams-makeup-no-makeup-111615 stars-without-makeup_before-and-after-makeup-5

When it comes to your appearance, again you are in control! Take a selfie tomorrow morning when you first crawl out of bed in your pajamas, no makeup, and hair stuck to the side of your head. Print it. Then take a selfie after you have showered, groomed, slapped some lipstick on and put on your favorite clothes. Print that! Hang them side-by-side on your refrigerator for a few days so you can remind yourself that you alone are in control of who is staring back at you from the mirror.

And if all it took was 45 minutes to get yourself rocked and pretty, why wouldn’t you do it everyday. If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you are well prepared to tackle the mental message, to rewrite your self-talk, to fall in love with all that is fabulous about you! Why? Because you have repaired and rejuvenated your self-confidence and as I always say, Confidence Is Always In Style!

Feeling good is in your control…looking good is in your control.

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