Once you’ve blown out 50-something candles, you might think you’ve seen it all. In actual fact, there’s still a whole lot more to discover – so let’s polish off that last slice of birthday cake, grab a cuppa and find out why the best travelling experiences are in your over 50s.

You can follow in the footsteps of those who know best

The internet is booming with influential baby boomer travel bloggers, all of whom are digital proof of the vast windows of travel opportunities that open the second you turn 50. There’s Maddie Grigg (or Margery Hookings, as she was previously known), who blogs her adventures in everywhere from Dorset to Corfu. Otherwise, there’s expats like Victoria Twead, who documents her newfound life in Andalucia, Spain. Read about their day-to-day happenings, learn about different cultures and fuel your wanderlust.

You’re not tied down to your children’s choices

While it’s all well and good enjoying family holidays to Disneyland Paris, there’s some destinations which are best discovered without the burden of children. Imagine tucking into a sumptuous paella, glass of red wine in one hand while watching the sun set over a dreamy Spanish coastline. Everything about your evening screams luxury and you can leave on your own terms while maybe even enjoying a cheeky extra glass before last orders.

You’re also able to cherry pick what attractions you want to see the following day. If you’re visiting the pearlescent city of Malaga, spend an afternooon uncovering the works of Pablo Picasso. Or get back to nature and watch Canada’s dramatic Niagara Falls crash around you between days touring around the country’s enviable national parks. Whatever you choose to do, the itinerary is in your hands.

New cultural experiences can be enriching

Few things top the rush of stepping off a plane only to be greeted by a pleasant, warm foreign breeze. After you’ve gotten over the initial culture shock – India’s bustling markets and Rio de Janeiro’s hectic roads can take a little getting used to – you’re free to absorb exactly how things work in a foreign land. Take time out to speak to locals, observe and partake in their traditions and above all – indulge in their cuisine. If you’ve got a wide palate (or even if you don’t) then head out to restaurants and cafes, filling your boots with whatever local delicacies are on the menu. Once you’ve returned, you might even have  picked up some new cooking tips – that way you’ll have a taste of your travels which you can always savour.

Now’s the time to utilise your life skills

Without even realising it, you’ll have amassed a huge skillset over the past 50-something years. Your ability to talk to other people has been bolstered in different jobs, relationships with others and everyday encounters which you probably don’t even think twice about. As soon as you embark on your travels, you’ll have the chance to put these skills into practice and really make the most out of your time away.

Ready to delve into the world of travel? Grab the world by the horns and make it your own.


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