womanwinterhatBaby, it’s cold outside!

Didn’t your mother ever tell you that you lose 80% of body heat through the top of your head? Seriously? The head only represents about 10% of the body’s total surface area. So if the head were to lose even 75% of the body’s heat, it would have to lose about 40 times as much heat per square inch as every other part of your body. That’s unlikely! The real reason we lose heat from our head is that it is not clothed!

But how many of you are actually topping a hat when you walk out the door? Why not? The reasons are many – I look like a geek, I don’t want to mess my hair, I don’t own any hats, I have no clue where to buy hats, who the heck has the time to do hat shopping?

Which applies to you? Let’s start with – I look like a geek. This is where I fit in. Never found a hat that looks good on me except a black furry looking doo-dah cap that I used for skiing. Alas, can’t even wear that anymore as helmets are all the rage (requirement).

If you assess which ‘type’ of hats actually force you into geek-dom, then perhaps we could shop for something different!

Let’s break it down by type. I have added some pics so that this doesn’t have to test your millinery vocabulary skills and to also add a bit of inspiration.


Bucket / Meg Ryan   Cowboy / Uma Therman   Fedora / Charlize Theron   Cap / Barbara Streisand
Cloche / Gretta Garbo   Beret / Faye Dunaway   Big Brim / Kate Winslet   Fascinator / Keira Knightley

Are you envisioning yourself in one of these right now? Here’s the good news, if you look bad in one type, there are many other options! And don’t forget knit hats – one size fits all!hats3Short & sweet this week as we are all over-stuffed, a bit tired and probably Black Friday shopping.

Did I say Black Friday? Well there you go, shop for a hat!


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