The truth is, I didn’t have to push my mom to try a CBD tincture or cream. She heard about it from her 86 year old friend who had been using it for a while. Fearful of alternate realities, except for that of her own fantastic imagination, I thought she’d be the last to try any products that were not prescribed by her beloved Doctors.

But Mom is 86, and her joints hurt. I can see first hand that getting old ain’t easy but she has a cheery can-do demeanor. Pushing through health set backs, and she has had plenty this year, she has more recently been a pain denier. There’s a certain amount of pride to looking strong and being independent and whining about not feeling great isn’t something she wants to spend time talking about.

Mom doesn’t drink, just sips some wine from time to time at dinner, she says morphine and pain killers make her feel awful and anxious and she’d rather deal with the pain when she can.

So last month when she was clearly suffering from a sore back, it was amazing that she decided to ask her doctor for a prescription for a CBD tincture and a cream to ease her pain. And, the most miraculous thing happened. She said it worked.

I witnessed her ease of movement just a few days into her new routine. No she wasn’t spacey or stoned, (there is no THC in this stuff). She just felt better.

So, I wanted to share this story for all of us who are helping out our parents (and ourselves as well). Maybe she willed it to work, or maybe it really did work. (Apparently the placebo effect can be pretty potent medicine in and of itself). Who knows and who cares because she got relief.

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