timefliesOne thing I’ve learned along life’s journey is good stuff isn’t dependable. This reality makes “Carpe Diem” ever more important as a philosophy or way of life. Even for those who don’t remember their Latin this term sends a spike of energy through most of us. “Seize the Day – Seize the Day!” (The real translation is actually ‘enjoy the day, pluck the day when it is ripe’.) No matter, both translations work for me and I try really hard to embrace my inner Carpe Diem especially when something delightful crosses my path.

So recently, my younger son Cal was sharing a few tracks from his new and upcoming album (to be announced shortly). My sister and I were so excited to hear what his latest stuff sounded like. We were oohing and ahhhing as he rolled out each new track (which he assured us was not finished but who knew} – we were digging each and every song, tapping our slippers and rocking in our PJ’s. We know we are not his “market” – like 3 decades too late to be exact.

By the 3rd track, “Worse Things Than Love” started up and Jane (big sister, dance partner and fellow rocker) and I jumped off our breakfast stools unable to contain ourselves – we were in full dance mode at 9 am. We were making up our own Zumba moves  – dancing to “our” boy’s music, and feeling oh so happy.

I know it’s not every day you get to observe your kids creations. Hey, I didn’t get to see my older son’s big product launch presentation at his company (not sure why I wasn’t invited). We don’t usually get to “watch” and “listen” and experience in real time our children’s career milestones. Most of us have to rely on learning about their achievements second hand (assuming they have time and inclination to share it).

So it is with overwhelming joy that I was able to hear Cal’s new music spontaneously shared at breakfast shortly before the song’s release this week. You can hear it by clicking on this link.


I’m excited to see him live on his upcoming tour this Fall – I plan to hit at least 3 of the cites – but when I’m cheering and screaming along with his fans – in my heart I will still be in my slippers and PJ’s rockin in our own front row — our kitchen, with my sister.








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