This summer I’ve put in some big hours on the golf course and have learned a few things from anyone who is willing to give me advice.

Aside from my short game, which is in need of work – my love of this game has kept me out in the sun for way too many hours.

If you are an 18-holer – you know it takes 4 hours minimum to play a round of golf. That means a lot of bonding time with golf friends in the heat.

The women golfers I play with are amazingly supportive and fun. We know we will never be on the circuit, but we work on our games as though we will be winning something some day — a sleeve of balls will do.

We are at each other’s side when searching in the woods for lost balls, cheering the big drives, making light of the missed short putt, and ignoring all miscounts on scoring. We share just about everything in our lives as we walk 4 plus hours of golf course.

The other day, with sun beating down on our collective 50-something skin, I asked my ladies about some product advice.

Here’s what this golf posse recommended for all kinds of golf needs:

  1. Starting with the feet — Sole Orthotics. Apparently these orthotics make the 6 mile golf round easy on the feet. There’s a lot of choices on amazon that look like a must get especially the Sof Sole Women’s Thin Fit Performance Insole.


  1. Anthelios Sunscreen. When it comes to skin, the French know best. I love this non-greasy sunscreen that offers hours of protection.


  1. Mineral SPF 30 Blush that you brush on. There are plenty of brands. It’s light and you can carry it in your golf bag and reapply – whenever!

sunscreen blush


  1. Oribe Hair Masque to keep our hair from getting too sundried. The ladies say it really does a great job hydrating the hair.



  1. A styling golf hat is a must. I love my Wallaroo hat. This hat holds up in the wind and the sun. It’s good looking with plenty of coverage and comes in tons of colors.

wallaroo hat for golf

  1. Vitamin C Lip Treatment with SPF. Love this stuff – my friend smeared it on my lips and I am hooked. Great texture and easy to apply – slip it in your golf bag and reapply.

sunscreen lip balm

  1. Arm cover. UV protection clothing is getting better looking. Check out San Soleil’s offerings and look around for something that works. I love this shirt with vents and wicking – it’s light and colorful.

golf mock

  1. The Fushia Woman’s Golf Skirt is fashionable but also traditional.  Women are always looking for something new to wear out on the course and these skirts are comfy and stylish all at once. One of our friends knows the owner and recommended Spoiled Sports which was started by two women and friends. Check it out.

spoiled sports


  1. A golf sun umbrella. After walking under the shade of my friend’s umbrella I just bought this light, easy to carry one that doesn’t flip inside out in windy conditions. It’s makes sense and I think we should all use them. There’s all kinds of great stuff on the site. Here’s the blue one I got.

sun umbrella














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