bags of moneyI recently read that a woman turning 65 today has a 50% change of living to age 88! And for a 65 year old married couple, at least one spouse has a 50% chance of living to age 92[1]!

That makes me stop and think. Although I love the idea of having a long life where I may get to meet my great grandchildren, I can’t help but feel anxious wondering if I’ll have enough money to last into my late 80’s or 90’s.

So rather than feel apprehensive—I’ve decided to feel empowered. After all, no one is going to do this for me. It’s entirely up to me to plan financially for a long (and happy) life. And the time to start is now.

Whether retirement is just around the corner for you or a decade or more away, there’s a brand new seminar coming to town that can help you plan for the financially secure future you want and deserve.

Planning for Retirement, presented by Edelman Financial Services, covers the three essential keys you should take into consideration when it comes to creating a comfortable retirement for yourself. Here they are:

# 1: Managing the money in your retirement accounts. A successful retirement can be yours and in this part of the seminar you will learn how to prepare for it so you can enjoy the financially secure retirement you want .It’s not enough to simply be enrolled in a plan at work or to have an IRA. You need to know how to make these accounts work for you. Learning a few simple strategies can give you the advantage you need to help make the most of your investments.

# 2: Maximizing Social Security. You’re certainly not alone if Social Security confuses you. The benefits to which you’re entitled can be considered a strategic supplement to your overall retirement plan, so it’s important that you make an informed decision. Some people will end up getting more–actually, a lot more–than others, because when and how you file for benefits can have a significant impact on the amount of your monthly check. This part of the seminar will show you how to use the rules to your advantage to help you maximize your benefits.

# 3. Carrying a big, long mortgage. Conventional wisdom says you should pay off your mortgage as soon as possible but conventional wisdom is wrong! I was shocked to learn that a mortgage can actually help you create wealth in retirement. Discover how your mortgage, when handled properly, can actually help you enjoy a safer retirement.

The event promises to be enjoyable and informative. Each attendee will receive a free copy of the national bestseller,[2] The Truth about Retirement Plans and IRAs by Ric Edelman.

The seminar is $15 per person or $25 per couple.

Use promo code BA50Blog and attend for free!

Click here to register!

Join me in discovering how to make your future the best it can be.

[1] Source: Annuity 2000 Mortality Table, Society of Actuaries.

[2] The Washington Post, April 20, 2014.

Ric Edelman, Chairman and CEO of Edelman Financial Services LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor, is an Investment Advisor Representative who offers advisory services through EFS and is a Registered Principal of and offers securities through SMH. Advisory Services offered through Edelman Financial Services LLC. Securities offered through Sanders Morris Harris Inc., an affiliated broker/dealer, member FINRA/SIPC.


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