You’ve got 5 pounds to lose before the big wedding. You are Mother of the Groom, or Mother of the Bride and you are feeling a tad bloated.

You thought you’d have shed those last few nuggets by the deadline but alas…you haven’t.

So, that was my situation a few weeks ago when I decided make a call to my trusted nutrition coach, Rebecca Baer.

“What would you suggest I eat before the big wedding day to feel a tad lighter and a bit slimmer?”  After all, I’d had a dress made by the same creative talent who had made my wedding dress 10 years ago, Daniel Faucher from Boston.

Rebecca responded immediately and emailed me  her quick weight loss diet.

Let me put in a disclaimer that, while reading this diet I was a little saddened as I was hoping for some chocolate and chardonnay, but she insisted on “none of that” for one week.

Confession: I made it through Day One Breakfast and then well, it fell apart for me. But, I’m sure you could do better and I want you to have it just in care you are more disciplined than I am.

The truth is, I was super involved with the wedding stuff, was very adrenalized and had lots on my mind, so it turned out I burned through the 5 pounds anyway. I guess that is called the wedding stress diet, but I wasn’t stressed –just busy.

So read on if you want to drop 5 fast pounds before your big event and hopefully you will do better than I did at following the week of menus.

Breakfast Day 1: 6 oz. Greek, plain Yogurt with ½ cup fruit and 1/3 cup Kellogg’s All bran Buds

Lunch Day 1: Arugula salad with 5 poached shrimp and ¼ an avocado. Lemon juice and 1 Tbsp. parmesan

Snack Day 1: 1 cup of watermelon

Dinner Day 1: 3-4 oz. Salmon with a side of steamed asparagus

Dessert: Herbal tea

SO that’s Day 1. It goes on from there for a week. It’s not an easy diet, it requires discipline if you want to make it through the week. Perhaps, if it’s hard to stick to Day One, it’s  best to call the nutritionist and get the rest of the food schedule and some hand holding.

Here’s some mouth watering photos of Rebecca’s recipes that will keep you sated throughout the week:

They include: Salmon with spinach for dinner, a snack of cracker with shrimp, a salad with lobster for lunch and a snack of crackers with cottage cheese.


For help and

inspiration, contact Rebecca Baer @

Baer  Nutrition




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