Fashion fixesGot Body Hang-ups?  Everyone has ‘em, so here’s how to fix ‘em.

The best medicine – get over it! You are beautiful just the way you are!

That being said, you’ll probably feel better knowing you took some action to disguise what ‘you’ see as liabilities. Here are a few tongue-in-cheek action steps balanced with some real fixes! 

Flabby arms – take up parachuting.

The real fix –

  • Wear tops with ¾ sleeves. That still gives you plenty of skin that can be accessorized with some arm candy and voila – the observer’s eye goes right to the bracelets!

Big bootie – that’s in BTW! Start walking like a Kardashian – if you embrace it, others most certainly will!

The real fix –

  • Wear a-line skirts that fall from the hip.
    • Don’t wear long tops that cover your rear end. This will shorten your legs and draw the eye to your bottom half.
    • Do choose tops that sit above the hip and give you a waistline, accentuating the positive!

Top heavy – wear leggings and a baggy top and dress as a light bulb for Halloween.

The real fix –

  • Don’t accentuate your slimmer bottom by wearing narrow/skinny pants or skirts, as this will draw attention to the disproportion between your upper and lower body.
  • Do create balance by adding a bit of volume to your bottom half. Think wider leg trousers.

Chicken neck – so what is the connection between chickens and turtles anyway? You got it – wear a turtleneck!

The real fix –

  • Oh for goodness sake, just dust a little mineral powder on and buy a new traffic-stopping necklace. Bling always outshines creases!

Cankles – wear boots until August.

The real fix –

  • Do not wear shoes with ankle straps as that creates a horizontal line accentuating the wide part of your ankle.
  • Instead choose an open top shoe with a deeper ‘v’ down to the pointy toe, thereby elongating the leg.

Bunions – call your feet curvy, Marilyn Monroe built a legend on curvy.

The real fix –

  • Wear shoes made of material that stretches, such as quality leather or grosgrain.
  • Need a bit more stretch? Fill a ziplock bag with water, place it where you need bunion breathing room and put the shoes in the freezer over night – as the ice expands the bunion sweet spots are created!

Blue hair – on trend right now actually – just embrace it.

The real fix –

  • Change hairdressers. The Earth will not stop spinning if you try a new hairdresser!

Crows feet – wear glasses; non-prescription glasses are on trend!

The real fix –

  • Check out the anti-aging aisle at CVS, how do you spell billion-dollar industry?

Flat chest – sleep on your stomach and consider yourself lucky!

The real fix –

  • Wear embellished or ruffled tops to add volume.

Bubble belly – throw away your belts and move on.

The real fix –

  • Buy a wrap dress, hides all!

Short legs – wear stilettos with your swimsuit.

The real fix – wear a single clothing color that goes right down to your toes.

Big hips – take up belly dancing.

The real fix –

  • Buy a pair of flare pants to balance the hipline.

My goodness, how did the list of body hang-ups get so long?

Time to clean the slate, move forward and remember….you are beautiful!

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