Are you wondering how to pop some colors this summer? Is white your idea of color? Come on girlfriend, get with the program and pack away your neutrals.

As always, let’s start from the bottom up.

Printed pants are all the rage and you can certainly incorporate one pair of printed pants into your white jean rotation this season.

Don’t be the girl that always shows up in the white capris – yawn, yawn. Let’s add a little spice to that cocktail mix!

But before jumping into the pool, let’s be sure we can find a pair that suits your body type and comes together as an actual outfit. We are not looking to shop for a one-shot-wonder that never comes out of your closet to play!

If you’re going to incorporate bright summer colors in your pattern (and of course you are) be sure to balance it off with something simple and solid on the top such as solid sleeveless shells or blazers.

When you are creating the daytime look, a white fitted T-shirt is a great option with a statement necklace and a colored sandal.

If you’re going for the evening look perhaps a simple sassy silk top paired with a sexy heel and accessorized with chandelier earrings.

Be sure to realize that the pant itself is a statement piece so make sure you like the pattern. As always, I ask you to determine if you are a floral gal or a geometric gal. To determine that, look around your house and see what you have accessorized your home with as far as the patterns on your upholstery or your artwork. You can also look at your scarf collection and see what types of patterns you have purchased in the past. I recommend choosing a small or repeating pattern so the pants aren’t the first thing to enter the room.

Once you have brought patterned pants top-of-mind and you walk into the stores you are going to start seeing patterned pants everywhere – I mean everywhere!

Shopper warning – do not pick up the first pair that you see. Shop like a stylist and walk through every designer’s collection and see what they have first and then circle back and only pick up the patterns that you absolutely like.

Be sure to take two sizes of each into the dressing room so that you don’t find yourself naked in there with no store help to assist you. (There’s the beauty of shopping with me – I average 10,000 steps on my Fitbit every day while doing my client’s running!)

Once you don the pants, double-check yourself in the mirror to make sure that big Gerber Daisy isn’t sitting dead center on your crotch or your rear end.  If you don’t like what the flower accentuates – don’t pick that Daisy!

Remember that the pattern pant is the star of the show so keep everything else simple so as not to look like a clown.

Be conscious of the body balance you are creating.  If you are wearing the wide leg silk pants, choose a fitted top and vice versa, if you are wearing a fitted pant, choose something free-flowing on the top.

With both choices, choose a shoe that continues one of the colors in the pattern or choose a completely neutral shoe as both will elongate the leg.

Need help becoming a savvy shopper?

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Remember – shop with purpose!

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