Great article by NYT’s writer Bonnie Wertheim on Are High Heels Headed For a Tumble?

The conversation about femininity and fashion is timely given what’s been going on in the media regarding sexual harassment.

“There was a time when a pair of pumps was a marker of female adulthood; a crucial component of the Dress for Success wardrobe and a sign of sexual maturity (this is why a surge of high heels in girls’ sizes a few years ago raised some eyebrows).

But our preferences have shifted dramatically toward athletic and comfort shoes in recent years. Allbirds, a brand of merino wool “runners,” are now part of the unofficial Silicon Valley uniform (the venture capitalist Mary Meeker is a fan), and the company plans to expand its retail presence after a successful second round of funding. It’s not uncommon to see Danskos and Crocs, mainstays of restaurant kitchens and hospitals, worn by white-collar professionals. Birkenstock’s two-strap Arizonas, once derided as hippie shoes, have been imitated by designer labels like Prada, Céline, Givenchy and Coach. Now Birkenstock holds fashion shows in Paris.”

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