We received this email from a reader, Jenny Mulholland, who shared how she recovered from a life threatening injury. We truly think Jenny defines resilience and positivity and is an exemplary Better After 50 who we can all draw inspiration from.

On Healthy Monday it’s important to remember how much our attitude and perseverance can affect not only our physical well being but also our mental state of mind as well.

Here is what we received. Please note that the photo below is not for everyone because it shows the injury…so do not continue reading or looking at the bottom photo if this will be an issue for you.

“I had multiple injuries from my cycling accident but I am fully recovered. Very lucky but also very determined to get back to life. 

I had a very supportive family and friends around me and a teenage daughter with mental health concerns at the time.  

I am so grateful these days and find happiness in the smallest of ways. Lots of small ways ends up being a lot!

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