Are you ready to join the growing millions who now choose podcasts as their preferred entertainment and news? Apparently our kids use podcasts as their daily feed. We are lagging behind yet again. As slower adopters to new technology after 50, we are by no means hopeless.

For instance, we may have come late to Facebook, but currently, the over 50’s are their fastest growing market. Facebook Live, where real time broadcasts happen on the page, are also exploding.

My partner Ronna and I were blown away with the instant 10,000 views we got last week from a Facebook Live 2 minute segment we did on our BA50 page about “tightlining” this fantastic new smudge free eye pencil. We were so happy with the results, we are going to try to record a Facebook Live every Monday…let’s see if we can keep up with that commitment!

Instagram may have stumped us but I’m betting 80 percent of you have an account and are even following friends or your kids (and hopefully us @betterafter50). We are learning how to play on this medium and it’s an endless source of creativity and entertainment. It not only keeps us connected, but opens our minds through photography and stories. Check it out if you haven’t jumped on.

But why should you even bother to add Instagram and Podcasts and Facebook Live to your busy lives? Isn’t it a time suck?

Well, yes but…..

Here’s what happened to me last week and this is why I’m a podcast convert. The more I listen, the more I’m convinced this is the best way to get my news and learn.

My sister sent me the podcast link of the Krista Tippett interview with Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant on her NPR show, On Being.

Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant — Resilience After Unimaginable Loss

I read Sandberg’s new book, wrote about it (last week), and even watched her interviewed on CBS Sunday Morning and Colbert. So, you would have thought I would be done with Sandberg’s Option B.

But, at my sister’s urging I listened to her interview on a podcast yesterday.

Walking my dog Jazz, earplugs in, I was suddenly transported into the same room with Sheryl. I felt that she was talking directly to me..

She was real and present and I was that much closer to her. The audio brought her “in” unlike the book or the TV. The medium of the podcast was magical.

I felt Sheryl’s words more intimately as she spoke…bearing her heart and soul, her humanity, her wisdom, her research and discoveries as she stumbled through her grief.  Her voice true and clear …..and all this emotion feeding through my headphones into my brain was beyond comforting..

Click to Download Episode

So I started downloading more podcasts over the next few days and was thrilled by the experience and the learning.

I’m a convert….Here’s what I’m making part of my daily Feed.

The Daily by The New York Times (24 minutes of the news of the day).

Ted Talks: I just listened with my husband in the car. If you want to feel excited about the future listen to Elon Musk talking about “The Future We Are Building…And Boring”

“Here’s The Thing With Alec Baldwin” Interviews with celebs and doers.

Wait Wait Don’t Tell MeNPR

Planet Money (the economy explained)

Pod Save America (my son’s recommendation – “A no-bullshitconversation about politics”).

And of course:

Modern Love

Iris Adler, the producer of this podcast from WBUR is our keynote at our She Did It Boston conference on May 17. Can’t wait to hear how she transformed the popular New York Times Sunday column into a podcast.

If you want to keep up with what’s happening in the world, and have topics to discuss with your kids and friends…ask them what they are listening to…share your podcasts and get ready for some great mind expanding entertainment.









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