iamcaitPlease watch it.  I wasn’t really planning on it myself, but I set the DVR just in case I changed my mind.  About twenty minutes after it began to air, I hopped on, only partially attentive.  “I Am Cait” was simply excellent.

I feared it would be a three ring circus.  It was not.

I worried that it would be fluff.  It was not.

I assumed that the presence of the Kardashians would destroy any authenticity.  It did not.

I thought it would focus on the “pretty” and not address the deep, dark and scary.  It did not.  And it did.

Caitlyn, her story, her family and yes, even Kylie, Kim and Kanye showed a depth of acceptance, honesty and understanding that I was quite sure they never thought they would have to…and publicly at that.

I appreciated and empathized with Esther Jenner: she screwed up pronouns, acknowledged her fears, and owned that she lacked understanding.  She was bold enough to recall and inquire if a five year old Bruce not wanting to try on clothes meant more and she missed it.  She shared genuine tears at the loss of Bruce and a truly happiness about her child’s bravery.

Caitlin knows that she has a power that is bigger than she is and takes her responsibility to the Trans community seriously.  She knows that most will not have the opportunities that she has been afforded.  She wants to help.  Genuinely.

Please watch this program.  In many ways, it has nothing at all to do with transgender.  It has everything to do with being a good person with an open heart and soul.  The soul we are born with…

Note:  This movie is available on demand on “E”

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