Playlist For Your Hip Holiday PartyYou always throw the perfect party. From soup to nuts, you’ve got it covered.  Whether you cook or cater ~ host at home or hire out ~ keep it small or invite a crowd ~ your lists keep you organized and everything gets done. Right? Except that one thing. The last minute panic. Music. It’s usually not “important” enough to be a bullet on your list, especially if you just want background music. A theme party might be different; you’ll put some time into that playlist. But it’s a time drain trying to find 70s disco music or breezy island tunes… For a regular get-together like a dinner party, cocktail party, or holiday open house, you might ask your kids to download a playlist for you. But they don’t know what sounds good or sophisticated. And when the heavy metal or hip-hop sneaks onto that playlist, you’ll say never again.

Parties are better with music. Have you ever been to one without?  The cackling of women’s voices can be deafening. There’s something about the decibel level of high-pitched laughs that needs a buffer!  Have you ever attended a gathering in a large, uncarpeted venue? The conversation level is like a lion’s roar, bouncing off the hard surfaces. You find yourself yelling just to have a chat, an exhausting way to party. And your party is no different. Adding great background music (at the right volume) can transform the room, adding a dimension of warm and cozy to your party. The right music makes people want to linger, relax and enjoy.

Chill martini music is great for a dinner party. A bit more beat works for a cocktail party. Holiday tunes fit the bill in December. But remember ~ volume is important in a party setting. Conversation comes first, so keep it soft enough for talk, yet loud enough to give your party a hip energy. People still need to hear themselves think, and at our age, some friends are starting to experience hearing challenges, especially in crowds. Music at a party can make the party. It’s a welcome distraction that fills the air, sets the mood, softens the chatter. The same is for a retail store. Have you ever stayed in a boutique a bit longer simply because you loved the vibe? I have too.

This holiday season, give a cool gift to your guests. Blanket them with something visceral, some feel-good music. We have some perfect playlists for your holiday gatherings (below). Try one, beause having great music at your party will impress your guests and make you look really good in the process.



  1. HOLIDAY :: Jack Frost
  2. HOLIDAY :: Snowy Sunday
  3. COCKTAIL PARTY :: Hosts with the Most
  4. MARTINI MUSIC :: Set Your Table
  5. MARTINI MUSIC :: Dinner Party Fare
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