weddingWhen it comes to weddings, many people choose to tie the knot later in life. This might be because they never met the right person in their younger years or that they were simply happy being single. More couples even seem to be remarrying, with Pew Research unveiling that remarriage is in fact on the rise for Americans aged 55 and over.

The reality is, love is unpredictable and as a result there’s no set age in which a couple ‘should’ wed. Being happy and comfortable with your decision is all you really need, so if you plan to say ‘I do’ at an older age, here’s a quick guide to help you out – after all, you deserve to be just as spoiled as love birds of a younger generation.

  1. Choose a wedding ring you love
    If you’ve never been married before, you probably can’t wait to choose your wedding ring and click here to start looking at different styles. And rightly so, as this piece of jewellery is likely to be the most important accessory you own. It’s a symbol of eternity, love and commitment, so spend a good amount of time researching the designs you like and make a decision you’re completely happy with.

As an older couple, you may feel the need to buy matching wedding rings and follow etiquettes of a traditional white wedding, as this is what is expected of you, right? That’s all well and good, but if you fancy purchasing a ruby ring set in a highly decorated wedding band instead of opting for a classic cut, go with your gut. It’s your wedding at the end of the day and if you have had a previous failed marriage you might feel like completely diverting off course and doing something different to before. Go for it, don’t hold back and plan the day of your dreams.

  1. Choose your wedding attire carefully
    Just because you’re getting married at a slightly older age, does not mean you need to dress in a frumpy or old fashioned way. You deserve to look and feel sensational, so leave plenty of time to shop for your wedding attire. The key to finding a great dress/suit is to try a wide range of styles and designs on in order to find something that you feel comfortable in.

When it comes to buying a wedding frock, make sure you dress for your body shape. This is very important as while a fishtail number might suit those with an hourglass body shape a dress with a fitted bodice and floaty skirt would be more flattering on those with an apple or pear shape.

Moreover, there are many dress styles and cuts that will help disguise to parts of your body you’re not comfortable about. Women above a certain age, for instance, tend to dislike the tops of their arms, but by opting for lacy sleeves or a little shrug you can hide the areas that worry you. Similarly, if you don’t like your legs or can’t stand wearing high-heeled shoes anymore, avoid short 1950s-style dresses and go for long trains instead. You could even wear a trouser suit and if you’re remarrying and feel like white isn’t appropriate, select a hue that suits your lifestyle and beliefs – there really are no barriers.

  1. Select a venue
    Marrying later in life does not mean you have to tie the knot in a small venue and keep everything hush hush before retiring to the comfort of your home. Neither does it mean booking the best, swankiest places to get married in the UK if you don’t feel comfortable, so do what feels right for you. If you want your wedding to be small and intimate, that’s what you should arrange, but if you want to celebrate with all your friends and family, including former partners, kids, kids of kids and so on – be prepared to write plenty of invitations.

In short, the key to planning a wedding later in life is to do what makes you content. It’s your day, so take things one step at a time and think about your happiness as a couple.


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