funny fish in bowlEvery once in awhile, something happens—something about aging that just kind of gets to me.

It happened the other day when I noticed a PIMPLE on a WRINKLE.  The kind that really hurts. That you can’t pop (I know, but come on…does anyone really ever not try?)  And so I just embraced it. And chuckled at the contradiction.

With all the craziness in the world right now, I find it helps to laugh at our minor age related glitches and keep them all in perspective, as annoying as they might be. For example:

It’s not fair that you get a bit more tired when you get older… and that the caffeine which can gift you a boost, can also give you more hot flashes and night sweats…Which make you even more tired.

It’s annoying that I get distracted and often do not finish my sentences and it really…..

Oh— and that it really annoys my kids…And that one of the most repeated sentences in our house is “Mom. FINISH your SENTENCE.”

This usually happens around dinner time.

And if I eat the wrong thing, I swear, I look like I’m in my 18th week.

Did I mention that it’s not fair that at least once I week I lose my sunglasses on top of my head?

And my cell phone in my purse? (Actually—I’m pretty sure it’s almost daily on that one).

I’ve been known to leave a water bottle or two at the gym…Speaking of which…

It’s annoying to me that while I’m probably IN the best shape of my life, I do not HAVE the best shape of my life. And while I can out-plank, out-squat and out-lunge my 18 year old daughter—she’s got it all over me. By FAR.

But the real truth is, when it comes right down to it, it really is blessing to have the luxury of even thinking about these hiccups that are just a normal part of the aging process.

And just one more thing—did I mention I got a pimple on a wrinkle?

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