melinda gatesA BA50 reader 7¬†us aware of this great article published in by Melinda Gates, one of our favorite BA50s, and we thought it was such a great idea that we wanted to bring it to our readers. ¬†Since you’ve probably already broken your “big” new year’s resolutions, we thought you might want to give this a try…

It’s a¬†New Year’s Word, much simpler than a full blown¬†Resolution…

Melinda Gates writes, “A few years ago, my friends and I each began selecting a word of the year‚ÄĒa single word we look to for guidance during the twelve months that follow. I‚Äôve found this to be more successful than setting a more traditional resolution, because instead of prompting a radical change in behavior, it encourages a gradual change in mindset.”

Last year, Melinda Gates’ word was “GENTLE” , and in 2016 she tried to be¬†being gentler to those around her, in her approach to the world, and to herself.

It could be any word, of course, but a friend who has been doing it for years, has used strength  (this was dissertation time,) focus (this was heavy writing time,) open  (a job-market year,) release (getting out of debt; managing stress; letting stupid things go,) balance (home/life,) action (for this year)

What would your word for the year be?

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