peeps vs jelly beansWith Easter just around the corner, are you slowly sneaking in extra candy calories—a jelly bean here, a chocolate bunny there—or are you waiting until Easter Sunday arrives to treat yourself?

If you’re like millions of Americans, the answer depends on the type of candy. Data from MyFitnessPal members shows that people start snacking on jelly beans and chocolate eggs weeks in advance, but don’t start popping Peeps and chocolate bunnies until Easter Sunday itself.

Jelly beans start becoming popular in mid-February, with consumption climbing steadily throughout spring until their peak on Easter day, when consumption’s up 1152% over average. After Easter Sunday, there’s a steep drop off, but consumption stays well above average throughout May. Overall, jelly beans enjoy about three-and-a-half months of seasonal popularity.

jelly beans and peeps graph

Peeps, on the other hand, have a shorter moment in the sun, with peak Peep season lasting only a couple of weeks. They see a sharp jump to stardom on Easter day, with an impressive 1706% increase over average. Still, though, they’re less than one third as popular as jelly beans.

Brandi Newell is the Manager of Research and Insights at MyFitnessPal. She uses qualitative and quantitative methods to help understand what people want and need to live healthier lives. Her background includes a master’s degree in Psychology and Neuroscience from Harvard University and unseemly amounts of cooking, hiking, and yoga.



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