pearlsYou may remember rummaging through your mother or grandmother’s jewelry box as a child, envious of her elegant and sophisticated pearls. Maybe it was the earrings you were fond of, or perhaps she had a bracelet you loved to try on. Either way, pearls were highly desired – a fashion mainstay of the time.


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Fortunately for those who love this gemstone, pearls are making a tremendous resurgence. In fact, 2016 was a record year for pearl sales, and fashion experts see no signs of things slowing down in 2017. Some are even calling for a pearl renaissance of sorts, with highly prized strands selling faster than most jewelers can stock them.



pl4The world of fashion is reinventing pearl jewelry in a big way. Designers such as Dior and Chanel have given new life to a classic jewel. Soon to be spotted on fashion runways for Fall and Winter of 2017, spectators can see models wearing multi-layers of pearl necklaces and bracelets. In addition, modern pieces such as front-to-back earrings, ear jackets, ear crawlers and stackable rings are destroying the “dated” reputation pearls have acquired over the years.


natalie-portmanYet while pearls are trending significantly in the “fashion forward” scene, there is still plenty of room to allow the gem to impress in a more conservative, everyday fashion. Even recent Hollywood motion pictures have featured a more classic look, most recently in Jackie, starring Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy. Perhaps not so surprisingly, Portman’s look on the big screen has ushered in a new demand for traditional pearl wear – great news for those who already own their own or simply love an ageless, elegant style.

pl-5But even if you’re new to pearls, now is still a great time to start a collection with an introductory piece. A simple pair of white pearl stud earrings works well in most any situation, whether it’s on the golf course or tennis courts, in the office or at holiday parties and other social events. Elegant staples – ones that don’t have to set you back all that much money – can easily transition from casual to evening wear with a simple change of outfit. If bracelets suit your taste, they’ll pair quite nicely with gold or silver bangles.

With the popularity of pearls skyrocketing to close out 2016 and on an upward trajectory heading into 2017, there’s perhaps never been a better time to showcase these gems. And with online retailers such as The Pearl Source selling them at wholesale prices, it’s also a good time to buy if you can find them at the right price. Just be sure to do your research and ask plenty of questions while shopping.





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