Summer sale season is upon us! You may have noticed everyone from local boutiques to large department stores are holding their annual summer sales. You can find some great deals on tons of clothing, accessories, etc. The only hard part? Sifting through the piles and piles of items on sale to find something you actually need. Let’s be real, how many times have you bought something that you absolutely didn’t need and would never wear because the deal was “just too good to pass up”? C’mon ladies, who actually needs a neon green tracksuit? In lieu of this dilemma, we’ve decided to create our Summer Sale Shopping Guide to help make your shopping trip a whole lot easier (and hopefully save you some money)!

Basic TeesYou wear them all the time so mine as well get ’em for cheap and stock up on a bunch of your favorite basic tees!

Workout ClothesWorkout clothing can be expensive; sometimes too expensive for the amount that you’re wearing it. And why spend a fortune on a product you aren’t using all the time? Summer sales are the perfect time to check off your workout wishlist and save!

Designer Jeans Good quality designer jeans can also come with a hefty price tag. You can usually find a steal during sidewalk sale season as many stores will try to clear out inventory to make room for the new season. I recommend looking for a pair of simple mid-wash jeans that you can wear year-round; the best part is they never go out of style!

Office AttireDoesn’t it feel like you’re always buying new clothes for work? If you’re office is business casual/professional everyday, you can never have enough blazer and trousers.

Leather ShoesQuality leather will last a long time so getting a pair of sturdy leather shoes on sale makes it even more worth the purchase. I like a loafer or mule because you can wear them to work or  with jeans.

Intimates Did you know you change bra sizes about 7 times in your life? Bras are already very expensive and wear easily, especially if you put them through the wash. Summer sale season is an ideal time to replace your old ratty undergarments without spending a fortune.

Button-DownsWe’ve raved about these before and we’ll do it again. Every gal should have at least one crisp button-down in her closet, trust me, you’ll need it at some point. Button-downs don’t have to be for just work too, they look awesome over a pair of jeans!

Fall/Winter CoatsIt might seem a little crazy to be buying clothes you’ll wear in October in July, but this is actually the best time to purchase a jacket. Bulkier coats can get really expensive in peak season so avoid the coat craze and spend half as much on a fall or winter coat by buying now!

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