A big loud baby boomer drum roll to www.Valslist.com, our new music column.

Val Haller is a 54-year-old entrepreneur whose goal is to help busy adults keep up with new music. Her site is linked to iTunes and it’s very user-friendly even for those who aren’t familiar with how to use iTunes or sync an iPod. Do NOT expect Top 40 tunes. Instead, we’ll be introduced each week to cutting edge new artists who sound like our old favorites. Don’t be surprised if your teens and college kids start stealing YOUR music or asking you how you knew about an artist before they did!

HOLIDAY:: Tuck Me In (Listen in iTunes)

A Holiday suite of new cover songs by our favorite artists and some fresh  new voices. Great for parties, dinners, or as background music while decorating, wrapping and cooking.  Will enhance your holiday get togethers.

Sheryl Crow, Neil Halstead, Rogue Wave, Chicago, Haley Reinhart & Casey Abrams, Tom Ze, Bahamas, Carole King, Vanessa Carlton, G. Love, Matt Wertz, Il Volo, Glee Cast, The Civil Wars, Andrew Belle, OneRepublic, Everest. JUST LISTEN.  (Listen in iTunes)

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