Our group of six couples, now well into their 60s, continued once again to celebrate adventure and friendship on our annual ski trip. This 4 night, 5 day tradition isn’t just a get-away—it’s a cherished tradition filled with camaraderie, adventure, and a touch of daring. For the past 17 years we come together to conquer the slopes, despite the inevitable aches, pains, and occasional setbacks that come with age.

This year marked our 17th annual gathering, a milestone celebrated with both excitement and reflection. As we arrived at our familiar retreat in Vail, Colorado, it was not a seamless beginning. One member was sidelined with the flu, another with a knee stress fracture which meant, no skiing and another was ready to hit the slopes after a knee replacement just 6 months prior—a reminder that even the most seasoned skiers are not immune to life’s physical challenges. But we carry on with unwavering determination, the group pressed on, ready to embrace the adventure that awaited them.

Because our seasoned leader was down with the flu. I was tasked with leading the charge which didnt’ seem like a big ask until an unexpected traverse created some real treachery.

We were heading to our beloved Blue Sky Basin and I planned a drop into the China Bowl on our way. It seemed like an easy enough traverse as it was slightly tracked so we headed out. What looked innocuous was hardly that, it was a frozen iced steep and deep traverse above the a bowl that on a good day one could easily have dropped into with a few turns if you didn’t mind double black diamond pitches. But the snow conditions were such that they’d melted and then froze and there was no way to turn into the slope and we were forced to cling to the ridge in a death defying traverse to get to the cat walk which was far far beyond. No one was happy and all were frankly petrified.

One of our posse ended up falling near some rocks and another worked to help him out. Another decided to skip it all together and went another way and we lost her for the whole morning from there on. It was a heart stopping run for all of us. The rest of the day was a breeze and we fell back into our usual rhythm.

Despite the trials of the day, the Ski Group’s spirit remained unbroken and emboldened. As evening fell, we gathered together for our tradition of Raclette which we cooked together at the table not missing a beat, teasing each other about the day. No question, the joy of our journey was always as much about the moments spent off the slopes as on them.

Our hosts make this all possible as they are welcoming and gracious, opening their doors to our Ski Group year after year, creating a home away from home where memories are made and traditions upheld.

This year one our best shoppers brought all the women matching PJs. Adorned in the cozy sleepwear, we posed, capturing the essence of our enduring bond and a playful nod to our evolving camaraderie..

Reflecting on the journey, our Ski Group marveled at how we seemed to be defying the conventional notions of aging. Somehow, with each passing year, we felt strong and resilient, and more alive and definitely more grateful than ever before. Perhaps it was the thrill of conquering the slopes or the shared laughter around the dinner table. Or maybe it was the simple joy of being surrounded by friends who knew each other inside and out, who had witnessed each others’ triumphs and supported each other through our trials.

Many of the Ski Group had transitioned from the rigors of full-time work to a more leisurely pace, embracing volunteerism and exploring newfound passions in the arts. From theater and improv to writing, ceramics, photography, and even training champion dogs, each had discovered a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment in their post-retirement pursuits. Far from slowing down, we were embracing life with a vigor and enthusiasm that seemed to defy the passage of time.

As we toasted to another year of friendship and adventure, the Ski Group marveled at the journey that had brought us to this moment. We are proof that life after 60 could be a time of growth, discovery, and endless possibility. With each passing year, we are not just getting older—but getting better. Better after 50 and 60 and even 70, and so we raised our glasses in celebration of the years that had brought us together and to the adventures that still lay ahead.

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