As you might have come to realize, romantic interest and desire for companionship doesn’t wane significantly as people get older. On the contrary, studies have found that companionship remains a significant aspect of life satisfaction for older adults.

Some Advice on Online Dating

Online services and dating apps have become one of the most effective ways of meeting the need for the companionship of a romantic partner – even for people over 50. But many older adults, not yet savvy to the norms and intricacies of these platforms,  have experienced the confusion and unease that can come with them, especially at first and without proper guidance. In fact, older adults can unfortunately be at a particular risk of fraud online.  It is therefore important to get educated on how to avoid fraudulent profiles and scammers.

Once you’ve mastered the art of swiping, it’s time to tackle the world of online etiquette. From crafting the perfect opening line to navigating the minefield of emoji use, online banter requires a delicate dance, balancing wit and charm. Not to mention the complicated craft of creating the perfect profile picture, especially when you’re over 50. Do you go for the classic headshot or instead showcase your adventurous side with a hiking selfie? And let’s not forget the dreaded bathroom mirror selfie — nothing says “mature and sophisticated” quite like a toilet in the background. How much Facetune is too much Facetune? WHAT IS FACETUNE? The many nuances of creating an authentic and optimally appealing online dating profile can feel overwhelming. But getting the right guidance when making your online profile can be critical in putting the right foot forward so you feel confident and ready to date.

And with that guidance, before long, you’ll be having fun: swiping left, swiping right, and trying not to accidentally “SuperLike” someone while adjusting your reading glasses! (And don’t worry, you’ll figure out what a “SuperLike” is as you go along…..)

The Importance of Communication and Connection

Societal perceptions about aging and romance can bias the dating experiences of individuals over 50. Ageist stereotypes and cultural norms may contribute to feelings of insecurity or apprehension among older daters. It’s important for daters to take control of their own dating experience, and try to navigate it with more confidence and savvy.

Effective communication and self-awareness lies at the heart of most successful relationships, regardless of age. Studies have confirmed the significance of social support networks in later life, highlighting the role of communication in fostering intimacy and emotional connection, and even increasing health outcomes and lifespan. If you’re finding yourself not getting the feedback you’d like or not getting your needs met – consider exploring it in therapy or with a dating coach. Or you might even just ask potential paramours directly what it is you’re doing that could be derailing things or raising unintended roadblocks.

Cultivating Healthy Relationships

Dating over 50 often entails a journey of self-discovery and resilience in the face of all the general challenges that most people experience in the dating pool across the lifespan. As you age, you’re presented with an ideal time to pursue what you want and what you need without being held back by the issues and concerns that can distract younger daters. As people age, priorities and preferences in relationships may evolve. Research has shown that older adults prioritize mutual respect, trust, and compatibility, laying the foundation for healthy and fulfilling relationships built on shared values and life experiences.

Remember to embrace the adventure, laugh at the inevitable mishaps, and know that love knows no age limit. And again, forget the awkwardness of your teenage years; you’re now a seasoned pro, with cultivated charm,  an evolved self-concept, and a bevy of funny and engaging memories and stories to tell.  Now, you just need to set yourself up to find someone to help you write the next chapter.  

If you want some hands on help with your profile, your dating strategy and anything else related to dating over 50 and 60 I would be happy to work with you, as a therapist or dating coach who specializes in dating past 50. Please click here to set up a time to talk.

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