I was totally inspired by Jada Yuan’s essay in the New York Times about her year of travel. She accepted an assignment I don’t think many of us could truly step up for. Traveling alone conjures up so many fears including sickness, safety and loneliness to name a few. Read here about what she learned over this past year… could you do this?


Seven lessons…so many experiences…”

Lesson No. 7: Alone does not mean lonely

“Solo travel is an experience I’d urge every human, and particularly every woman, to try at least once. You’ll find that while you might physically be without people you know, you’re rarely alone. I had a device in my pocket that allowed me to call home, and to post a picture on an app that opened up conversations with strangers who just seemed to want to wish me well.

While in Patagonia, I spent four hours climbing a volcano in the rain by myself, to reach a desolate summit with nothing but burned trees and …”

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