Do you tend to over drink, over eat and pack on the pounds more during the holidays? Do you care? Would you prefer to drink less during a holiday party and/or keep your calorie intake in check?

Seems like food and drink are a hot topic this week for BA50s.

Holiday meals when the kids come home – pot luck family gatherings – grazing parties and getaways all contribute to muffin top extensions. We’re hearing a lot about how to make it through these next 2 weeks and not pack on the pounds.

Most likely we are not in the 1 percent when it comes to drinking less during the holidays. In fact googling around revealed that alcohol consumption rises dramatically during the holiday season.Too much drinking and too much eating are the best and the worst of the holiday season but the good news is – there’s always January to get back on track or perhaps there’s another way?

Busy Stressed and Food ObsessedI was talking friend and healthy living coach, Lisa Lewtan and we agreed that women are open to strategies for drinking less and modifying calorie intake during the holidays. Lisa just published her first book: “Busy, Stressed, and Food Obsessed!” which couldn’t have been more timely.

We came up with a few topics BA50s could benefit from ASAP.

On BA50’s very first – On The Street, I got some real pearls from Lisa about foodie behavior modification during the upcoming holidays.

Most of us by the time we reach 50 have learned a bit about our behaviors when it comes to food and drink and many of us even have a plan day to day.

Yet, during the holidays there’s a good chance we throw discipline to the wind and deal with the repercussions in January.


(Next week – check out my next interview with Lisa: Starving/Exhausted: Behavior Modification at 4pm)





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