I grew up with olive oil as a staple in my grandmother’s kitchen. Housed in a large square can, the golden elixir was always extra virgin cold pressed and poured liberally on almost everything we ate. Did I say I was Italian?

Since I grew up in an Italian neighborhood, olive oil was a given. Never even gave it a second thought -until now. Having finally reached that wonderful transition so aptly called MENOPAUSE, I recently learned that olive oil is not only for cooking. It has much more magical qualities that all women should put to good use.

I first heard about this new use —  believe it or not — on Dr. Oz. He was doing a show about the change of life and an OB GYN offered her advice on what to do if things down there were not in the same condition as they used to be. To be blunt, things can shrink and dry up and downright hurt like hell. That’s right. When you consider all that your “vajayjay” has been used for all these years, it is amazing it hasn’t shut completely down.  A wonderful organ of pleasure, a vehicle of delivering your children…and it is not working anymore. What’s a gal to do?

Olive oil. Yes, that’s the answer. The secret elixir.

Dr. Oz’s expert suggested remedying the problem many of us have by using the oil to give yourself a nice massage. If you want to spice up your sex life, have your partner do it. More enticing than reading Fifty Shades of Grey? I don’t know. But worth a try!

When I heard about this the first time, I thought well, it sounds like a good idea. I guess. But I wasn’t sure I wanted to smell like an Italian sub. Would people somehow know? I never tried it.

Then recently I went to a lecture on menopause. And guess what came up? The secret wonder of olive oil. The speaker told us how important it was to massage a little olive oil, outside and in, to keep things supple and in good working order. She then suggested another favorite elixir: Coconut oil. You, or a partner, can apply the oil in a number of ways (wink, wink)…and it smells wonderful. Think Caribbean beach.

Coconut oil, which is lighter than olive oil, comes in a can. Yes, a can, and actually looks like Crisco. Don’t be turned off. It easily turns into oil when given the slightest bit of heat. The beauty of coconut oil is that is can stay on your shelf for a year or two. Organic is best. And now even Target sells it. Trader Joe’s can’t keep it on the shelves and Whole Foods has it next to the vitamins.

And if you don’t have a man or woman in your life right now, don’t think you should skip this remedy. It is important for vaginal health. Menopause brings with it more UTI’s and bladder infections. So to help prevent these, make sure you keep the tissues in good shape.

So don’t despair. You can carry some in a small container in your purse and apply whenever the mood strikes you. Not only with these oils keep you in a good working order, they may just add some spice to your life.





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