• You’re supposed to be worrying less as you age, but are you…?

This New York Times piece on worrying gives us 4 helpful suggestions on how to worry less and be happier.

“If you’re worried about your worrying, the report suggests some coping strategies, including:

Divide and conquer Try to come up with a solution to a worrisome problem by breaking it down into four parts: defining the problem, clarifying your goals, generating solutions and experimenting with solutions. Grab a pen and paper and brainstorm, the report suggests.Studies have shown this approach can help ease depression and anxiety.

Practice mindfulness Choose a routine activity or part of the day and try to experience it fully. Set aside concerns, and try to be “in the moment.”

Read more of the NYT article here…

And for a funny take on worry after 50 you’ve got to check out Ronna Benjamin’s article on Betterafter50.com.


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