Last week I wrote about embracing Florida because of a few key elements that I hadn’t anticipated including weather and easy living. Funny how things can change in a moment when the stuff that made you happy a moment ago disappears in a snap.

Here’s what happened today that made me understand why birds fly north and everything has it’s time and place.

After a fantastic last yoga class at my favorite Colony Hotel where I practice several times a week and try to never miss a live music Sunday class, I felt a tad sad about leaving. But I got past that pretty quickly.

I walked outside of the breezy studio into a wall of humidity as only South Florida can deliver in April. Whoah!

“Glad today is packing day” I thought. “I could never handle this hot weather as a daily dose. Clearly I am what Floridians call a snowbird and as the snows are melting at home, I’m happy to be heading north.”

Magically, we had gotten away with mostly none of the slimy sticky weather this season which had a direct positive impact on my preconceived negative attitude about Florida.

So, despite the wall of heat, (think Saigon in summer), I knew my 15 minute walk would be over shortly and I would be in the air conditioned rental in no time. With yoga mat in hand, I started to stroll home and saw the bridge was up that I cross to get to my apt.

There was a hoard of people gathered in front of the suspended suspension bridge. Totally, normal as tall boats go through this lock every half hour.
However, people gathered at the bridge looked frustrated

“This bridge is stuck open,” said the bridge man. “We should have it fixed in the next hour I hope, there’s nothing I can do.”

Still full of OM energy I calmly surveyed the situation. The sweat was beading up on my lip and my back was damp. The 87 degrees with 90 % humidity felt heavy and I was thirsty and hungry breathing through a “hangry” emotion.

I scanned the water to see if there was a little motorboat I could hitch a ride on (total optimist fantasy thinking). Nope, no way out by water.

I thought about the 2 other bridges I could cross but they would each be a few miles of walking and I was starting to wilt.

I will walk if I have to I thought but let me give it 30 minutes.

My detour brought me to Starbucks and I settled in for a bit and began to reflect on my fickle love affair with this place and with the bigger lesson at hand.

And this is what my little detour revealed:

  1. Joy is temporary. One minute your in deep OM and the next your in deep UGGH.
  2. Happiness is ephemeral and a state of mind. A broken bridge and and a lack of fresh air and poof it’s not a happy moment. But then again, a comfy chair at Starbucks and voila it’s back.
  3. Politics is unavoidable. The structural support work of our bridges roads and tunnels are a mess in this country. One 70 year old bridge operator who couldn’t open the bridge because the switch didn’t work can’t fix the bigger issue. When are we going to deal with our country’s infrastructure issue? (It always comes down to politics for me).
  4. Personal Energy is precious. I had gone swimming with my husband this morning for half a mile and walked to yoga. After 90 minutes of yoga and never enough Shivasana, my energy was tapped out. No reserve to deal with a few mile detour on foot.
  5. Phone technology is magical when it works. Apple Pay is awesome. A gratitude nod to the geek world for providing us with easy tech tools. I could buy myself a coffee and text my husband and tell him I was stuck (he’s golfing now so he’s no help but at least I had an empathetic ear). That felt good. And I could write this article on my phone which meant I could embrace my roadblock..
  6. Most setbacks are temporary. I’m not so short sighted to forget what I loved about this place when all was humming along for me just moments ago. And I’ve lived long enough to know when there’s a real issue to be upset about.

Time to get packing and head out with the birds. It’s time! See you next week.

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