new moon on new yearsOn New Year’s Day 2014 there will be a New Moon.

New Moons are always a time of new beginnings, of fresh energy, a time of focusing our attention and intentions. The New Year symbolically also shares the same connotation. So this is something worth noticing, because it does not happen frequently, a New Moon on New Year’s Day. Our felt experience of the energy created by the configuration of the planets on January 1st will set the tone for the rest of 2014.

Astrology is a field that studies the influence that the heavenly bodies have upon human experience and events on Earth. Widespread light pollution results in the inability of many to even see the beauty of the night sky. This contributes to a deep disconnection between our lives on Earth and our relationship to the rest of the Universe. Most people in our culture do not link the position of the planets and the stars with how they are feeling. But it is my observation that the heavens do influence us profoundly, although I have no idea by what mechanism of action. It can be very helpful to be aware of what is happening in the sky, as it can help us make sense of our experience. My preferred approach is to make use of what works, even when I do not understand how it could be so.

The New Year’s Day moon will create dramatic alignments with the planets Pluto, Mars and Uranus. I will unpack this for you in a very general way, but let me first say that any position of the planets for any new beginning phase in our lives (including our birth) leaves a symbolic marking that affects the development of that phase. So the alignments on New Year’s Day will have a symbolic influence on the whole unfolding of the year ahead. In this particular instance we are therefore “blessed” with an atmosphere of tremendous intensity, not only for the holiday season, but for 2014 as a whole. This New Year’s Day constellation symbolizes an urgent need for change and defiance of the status quo.

This is already building in the sky, so if you have been feeling things very deeply, reacting more irrationally, perhaps agitated and at odds with yourself, it may have something to do with what is going on in the heavens at the moment. This is not just the typical energy that is commonly felt around the holidays. Its quality is different and potentially more challenging, and we may find that it lasts at least until mid July, when the energy will shift and there will be less volatility and tension.

Positively, people may gain the courage to move forward in their lives in completely new directions. Negatively we may witness power struggles, accidents and a general feeling of restlessness.

The placement of the planets on New Year’s Day are all in signs which are designated as Cardinal, denoting a phase when it is appropriate to take the initiative in all areas of your life, despite natural feelings of indecision and hesitancy. Procrastination will likely have more unfortunate consequences and make you feel worse than usual. There will be an internal pressure with this configuration to venture outside your comfort zone and to include what is missing in your life. So if you are someone who works too much, you may just feel tired of doing that, and feel drawn to go home earlier, to get more sleep, to go on vacation. If you are typically introverted, you may feel called to be more expressive and social, host a party. The same old will just feel stale and as though it is no longer working for you. There will be a desire to integrate the opposite energy, and even though engaging in unaccustomed activities may initially feel very awkward and unfamiliar, it will ultimately result in a satisfying experience of balance and integration, and feel very appropriate.

This is likely to be a year of tremendous growth and transformation for us all, and as such exciting, but also not necessarily easy to navigate. So cut yourself and your loved ones some slack and make self-care a priority. Adjustment will be necessary and is to be anticipated, and we are all likely to find ourselves fundamentally changed in some significant way by the end of 2014. This is not a business as usual year, and awareness of the prevailing “weather forecast” can provide a context which allows you to dress for the season so to speak, as well as ride the powerful waves with more skill, grace and equanimity.

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