The people over at Zuvi Halo asked me to review their hair dryer and I’m so glad I got to use it. This dryer came just in time for my end of summer dry, slightly fried hair which is fine and curly and a tad wild.

So here’s what I learned….There’s alot I love about the Zuvi Halo hair dryer.

I know it’s a hair dryer but it feels more like an Air Dryer because it uses light technology.

I would say, it’s more like a fresh air blow dry. It doesn’t fry my hair — it doesn’t make my ends hot and crispy when I use the heat setting. They claim it doesn’t take moisture away from the hair during drying and that’s appealing to  me.  The light technology is really good for my dry color treated hair.

I also love that it drys my hair super fast which is great because although my hair isn’t thick, I have lots of it. 

The dryer itself is light and easy to use.

I love the way the magnetic diffuser and styling pieces snap on and off. The dryer is light and easy to use.

Apparently the light technology allows the hair to dry at a lower temperature mimicking the way the sun evaporates rain water. It uses light and cooler air to dry your hair while maintaining fast drying speed.

So in the following video you can see my before hair, which is how I go out each day – it’s not gorgeous, a bit wild and wavy and could use some  hair management. t. 

So today,  when I used the Zuvi Halo… I loved it. My hair looked so much better after I used the diffuser and finished with a round brush on the ends with the styling tool. Frankly, I feel empowered by this dryer and I plan to use it regularly.

I will get back to you to see how the crunchiest part of my hair responds over time.


There is no professional involved in my trial of the Zuvi Halo,,, !

I really love this hairdryer — it was super easy to use, easy to change the drying tools and create a great look quickly. 

This dryer works for me… super easy to style my hair. Not too hot and didn’t burn my hair and I loved the finished look I tried at the end of this video. 

Thank you Zuvi Halo I’m using you!

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