My Summer Skin SolutionI got a magnifying make-up mirror with a “soft” light in May and suddenly my mornings weren’t feeling so springy. I did NOT embrace the big reveal! Apparently I’ve been contentedly deluded for the past decade.

Truth is, I got the mirror so I could put my eye-liner on straight, not to berate myself for poor skin care routines and premature brown spots and distinctive smile wrinkles. But the plan backfired. My first morning using the amped up mirror, I actually painted my eyeliner into a wavy smudge as my attention was fixed on distracting facial flaws that were inescapable in High Def.

I was now seeing what I pay the experts to see. Until now, I’ve chosen to believe those who comment kindly. My husband is generous with the positive feedback when I pepper him about my “sporty” skin. My kids think I look the “same”– at least that’s what they tell me. But the mirror mirror on the wall was not so kind.

Suddenly, I was looking at a High Def reflection of myself. Remember when HD came out and you saw your local newscaster in inescapable HD detail and suddenly there were pores filling your screen. Well now I was trapped looking too closely at moi.

Truth is – I don’t mind my fine and not so fine lines. I know why they are there. I feel like I earned them. But the brown spots – not so much. I started to become obsessed about whether they were expanding and deepening in color. And so my research began.

I interviewed my friends, dermatologists and cosmetologists to find a “natural” way to soften the discoloration. I learned about laser and exfoliates, peels and all kinds of treatments.

But when I noticed the change on my partner Ronna Benjamin’s face after 6 weeks of trying out a client’s skin care product — I wanted in. Ronna looked better – her skin looked fresher and smoother and not a brown spot to be seen. She reviewed the retexturing gel by Clearista, for BA50 and they got a huge response.

I was thrilled when the Clearista people asked me if I would like to give it a try. Let me start by saying that I can’t keep to a beauty regimen no matter how much I invest. After 3 or 4 days of regular applications of any product – there’s always an excuse to slipback into my favorite Ponds Cold Cream retro routine (don’t ask).

But this time I stuck to a regular morning and evening cleanse as directed. I told them I would give it 6 weeks just like Ronna.

This skin resurfacing routine involved a minute of circular massage. I just mixed a dab of the clear grainy gel with water in my palm and the little granules seemed to melt away the roughness. I have sensitive skin but surprisingly I had no redness or rawness. In fact my skin felt really clean and fresh.

Do I look 5 years younger? Hmmmm – Nope. But, my skin does look better and my brown spots have faded.

I’m sticking with this product for the rest of the summer and happy to recommend it. I love having a “natural” form of attack for my fine lines, rough spots and brown spots. For now this is my skin strategy which has put the alternatives like; lasers, dermabrasion and chemical peels on the back burner. I will, however, keep using my Instantly Ageless. At least for the time being.




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