Puffy Eyes

Great article from the Atlantic by OLGA KHAZAN.

We all struggle with imprefection…some go under the knife, others just obsess. This is a great story of how author Olga Khazan dealt with her puffy eyes.

“In high school, I was locked in a competition with another girl over who would prevail in the class rankings. Because in a given year there were only so many tests, and thus opportunities to inch ahead, most of our day-to-day warfare was psychological.

I made fun of her for things I no longer remember. She made fun of me for being ugly.

My denim jacket was the wrong color. My hair was too flat. (I should mention I’m from Texas, where good hair is big hair.)

There was another, less-competitive girl in our class who would try to keep our spirits aloft between the quarterly rankings announcements, like an accordion player in the trenches.

“Olga, you look nice today,” she said one day when I walked into class. “That outfit matches your eyes.”

My rival piped up: “All I see when I look at your face is your under-eye bags.”

On beauty routines, and when they fail

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You could say I’ve never really had a “healthy glow.” I’m quite pale, especially compared to the average sun-smooched Texan. And there’s something else about my face I’m only now beginning to accept as “part of my face:” Over the course of almost every single night, the areas under my eyes swell up to form two bloated hemispheres, like a shortbread cookie broken in half and glued to my skull. I don’t have “dark under eye circles.” I have what looks like the aftermath of an oddly strategic fist-fight.”

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