marijuanaI have always understood that marijuana could help people going through chemotherapy. One of my dear friends made it through otherwise unbearable pain using gluten free weed cookies. However, I never thought I’d try it until I ended up in another car accident.

I say another accident because I have bad luck with cars. My unfortunate experiences include being ejected from a vehicle, experiencing a head on wreck where my body broke the windshield, surviving a 4 car pile up at highway speed, and being rear-ended at 50 miles an hour. Two years ago, a car ran a red light and I was broad sided in the intersection. Five vehicles totaled over the years and yet, not one of those wrecks were my fault still, my sister will not allow her children to ride in a car with me. Who would blame her?

My body houses many injuries, and with those old injuries getting older, I suffer from chronic pain. I’ve tried physical therapy, various types of body work, and a host of natural supplements. I am not a fan of pain meds, but sometimes prescription pain meds are necessary. Recently, a pain management doctor recommended I get injections into my spine. Really?

I shared this possible treatment option with the man in my life, and he set me up with a Medical Marijuana Doctor. Dutifully, I presented the doctor with all my medical records, and a lengthy list of my accidents, injuries and surgeries. The doctor laughed and told me he was certain I qualified for the MMC. He then provided me an astonishingly detailed review of the types of marijuana and the qualities of each blend. He provided a list of resources and a couple of colorful catalogues for medical marijuana suppliers.

The array of marijuana edibles, drinks, and smokeable weed is amazing. I easily found a local delivery service in my community and they came to my house with a backpack full of goodies. They helped me choose some smokeable weed, and included two chocolate truffles in a pretty box as a gift for my first order.

I had not smoked weed in 30+ years, and I knew from other people’s recent experiences that today’s marijuana is much more potent than what we smoked in the 70’s. So, as though I were Alice in Wonderland, I took a nibble of the truffle and headed to the beach with some friends who knew what I was doing.

I had forgotten the unique feeling of getting high. Time stretched out and I could not stop smiling. My friends got a good laugh at me all afternoon. At night, it was a different story. Marijuana did not help relieve my pain. The truffles knocked me out, but did nothing for the pain. When I tried the smokeable I found I couldn’t sleep at all.

Sad to say, my marijuana experiment went up in smoke. I can now add marijuana to my list of trials to manage pain. My MMC card expires in August, and it will not need to be renewed.

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