Fall boots 2012The only thing I like better than Fall itself is that Fall is boot season. ¬†I can be intrepid in my boot choices once the calendar crosses the Autumnal Equinox. ¬†I wear boots all year long – yes, even in the summer when everyone is sporting Havianas and Jack Rogers. I always feel a bit conspicuous in my footwear choice of boots (or booties) when the calendar calls for light and breezy. But I do think that a floaty, gauzy dress can be so much more interesting when grounded with a pair of well worn and well loved cowboy or engineer boot. Come late September, my inhibitions disappear and every day it’s boot day…tall, short, cropped, black, brown, or suede…I love them all.

If the boot selection in your closet is limited to the kind you wear in the middle of a snow storm or monsoon, think again.  Boots can elevate an outfit, as well as take it down a notch if needed.  And just like a wardrobe of pumps in neutrals and brights, a selection of boots can be the foundation of a great working closet.

If you love them, your boots will love you back. ¬†Take the time to find a great pair that feels good on your feet and makes you stand a bit taller. ¬†Then invest in rubber soles and weatherproofing at a trusted cobbler. ¬†Just like heels, boots need to be broken in, and almost always worn with some kind of material – a sock or a nylon footie – to prevent blisters, hot spots and general foot malaise. Personal history tells me that the lower the heel of my boot the more milage and love the boot will see. ¬†Sure there are a few pairs of high (and higher) heeled boots in my closet, but the ones I go to every day have a sturdy sole, a heel no higher than 2″, and a patina to the leather that makes me smile.

If you have a consistent shoe size, there are a number of on-line sites that offer a great selection of boots in various styles and price ranges. ¬†Piperlime.com¬†consistently serves up great “Buy Me” menu, as does Shopbop.com and Zappos.com. ¬†Sometimes it’s helpful to peruse the online sites to get an idea of what appeals to you, then take the time to shop in store in person. ¬†Don’t be afraid to try styles that are out of your perceived comfort zone either. ¬†We were all told that ankle straps shorten the visual line of our legs, but ankle and low-cut boots that hit below the calf can actually lengthen your look if paired with a slim cut pant.

My favorite picks for fall boots:

Fiorentini & Baker 7040 available at Barney's

Fiorentini & Baker 7040 available at Barney’s

This classic cropped from Isabel Marant seems to work sartorially with (almost) everything in my closet:

Isabel Marant Dicker bootie available at Polyvore.com

Isabel Marant Dicker bootie available at Polyvore.com

And this sleek Stuart Weitzman boots are a perennial favorite. ¬†Sure they are over the knee, but they make your legs look a mile long, and the stretch panel in the back accommodates big calves, bulky jeans and provides a snug fit for tired legs…totally worth the investment!

Stuart Weitzman 5050 Tall Boot, available at Bloomingdales

Stuart Weitzman 5050 Tall Boot, available at Bloomingdales

Boots are so much more than UGGS or Sorels…so if you haven’t thought about mixing it up this season, go ahead and try something new. ¬†Your feet will thank you and you may discover a whole new shoe adventure just waiting to happen!



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