It seems like everyone has a new favorite show these days. No get together or text group exchange has been without… “What are you watching lately?” As we gear up for holiday escapism our lists are long and even if we don’t have downtime now, we will, and we will need it.

Here’s what the What to Watch buzz is. There’s a ton of new seasons of our favorites and then there’s what’s coming so here’s our round-up. Please feel free to add your favorite shows to our instagram feed on BA50.

Harry And Meghan Drop First Trailer  We are getting our Earl Gray Tea and biscuits ready to sip and dip into more family drama…


White Lotus on HBO MAX: Totally Outrageous, Indulgent, Ridiculous and Fun.  Can there really be this much drama on vacation?  Voyeurs are we!


Yellowstone Next Season on Paramount: Totally Outrageous, Violent. Love the Duttons and our Favorite Bad Ass Beth hard drinking, bad mouth cusser and ball buster extraordinaire. 


Firefly Lane Season 2 on Netflix: I watched this whole first season on a round trip from NY to LA and never knew I was flying. That is a good review. Time for another cross country trip because Season 2 is Back. 


Bad Sisters: You haven’t seen this yet? We are jealous. The Garvey Sisters are hilarious – Ireland is gorgeous. How are we routing for them to destroy their brother-in-law. You will too!


Emily in Paris New Season 3: Bonjour again. We love Paris — the city, the scenes. Transport us again please!


House of the Dragon: I watched Game of Thrones Fan because my boys loved it and I wanted to be in on the evening’s activities and discussions. Who knew I would get hooked. Haven’t watched this yet but the Thrones fans are all abuzz over House of The Dragon So going to tee this one up.

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